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Checking Differential fluid level...

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Since my new 06 Differential went in, i noticed that they did not put the additive. So today i went to GM and bought some, then to autozone and picked up some Mobile-1 75/90 and changed the fluid out. There was a very small, thin, steady stream of fluid comming out as i put the fill plug back on.

Should i re-open the fill plug, and just let the extra drain out until it stops, or leave it alone? How much does this matter?
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I took the fill plug off, and let it drain until it just dripped (after searching this topic).

BUT.... As i was taking the the drain plug off, i noticed that it was under pressure.. Yes i drove the care prior, like a 30-minutes ago, but how could there still be pressure? It hissed as i unscrewed it, as the pressure released. I hope i don't have a clogged vent?
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