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Check your nuts..

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Had a flat a couple of days ago, I checked the lug nut torque on the repaired wheel as advised by the tire shop, They recommend stopping by, and they re-torque the lugs. I have a torque wrench so I saved a trip. After checking the serviced wheel(torqued to 110 lbs-ft spec),I checked the other 3, All the lugs were loose by nearly a quarter turn, most were only at about 75-80 lbs-ft. My car has only 1300 miles on it and has yet to be serviced. So if you have a new car, ck or have someone ck the lug nut torque, loose lug nuts will only continue to get more loose.
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I will skip the obvious and just say you made a good suggestion anytime you change or rotate the tires after a 100 miles or so. While the correct torque is important so is the pattern to follow. The proper sequence is in the manual. I'm going to check my lug nuts tomorrow.
Mine were torqued to 100 from when I got the car (bought wheel locks) and @ 2k miles (today) still @ 100. Not sure what is recommended on XTS, but my wrench was set to 100 from when I had my ATS, one or two bolts were probably just below 100, so those locked in after I torqued all nuts!
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