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Check your backup key before it is too late.

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Pulled a bonehead move and left my V in the accessory mode instead of off.

Came back to a dead car 5 hours later.

Tried to open the door with the backup key and found out that the key tumbler was not connected. This is a big problem.

Roadside assistance sent out a tech from the local dealer who went above and beyond (while laying in a puddle of water) and was able to open hood from underneath.

Looks like the V is going in for its third warranty/recall repair in the last 6 months.

Good thing I have a spare car, as my V seems to like the shop a lot.

Mike C
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EWE that sucks! I guess i should check mine as well.

The easiest way to get into the car would have been to use the door rod tool that goes under and back up the window and pulls the door open from the inside. I had to use that on mine once when the fobs where inside my car with a dead battery. I have a bad button on my seat that if i dont hit it right after pressing it, it sticks and drains the battery...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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