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Check Out This 1969 Cadillac Coupe Convertible!

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Now this is a very nice looking Caddy. I guess they don't want just anyone walking up to see it, I see they are charging just for viewing it a 75.00 fee. :rolleyes:

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I just came across this beauty on ebay. It even has Ostrich grain leather! I just love the black Gangster color!

69 Olds and Caddies were the most reliable cars GM ever made. Wish I had the $$ and the room for one of these.

Then again, I like every car (almost).
Gorgeous car but that ostrich interior is just the nastiest looking leather I've ever seen!. That nastiness would be greatly amplified if it was a lighter color though. What were they thinking?. Besides that, I love it!
2 Beautiful cars, but who the f*ck wants to buy a car without looking or pay $75 for a car they looked at but did not want. Really stupid sale method IMO.
BTW I've never heard of Ostrich leather as a Cadillac offered option before. Was that exclusive to the 69 model year?
"Ostrich" leather was just regular old moo cow that had been pressed into a pattern. It was an optional upgrade from the plain Sierra grain leather. And if you all think that's ugly, have you ever seen the paisley brocade cloth these car's sported? Uber-Sixties.

The 69 DeVille convertible is one of my most favorite Cadillacs ever, right up there with the 72 Eldo convertible and the 58 Fleetwood Sixty Special (and the 77 CDV, for my own sentimental reasons). Wonder what the reserve is?
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