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Check oil level on...

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Hi y'all .
I got a deville 2000 just yesterday a check oil level light came out , I run to the mechanic and change the oil but the still on
Somebody know what could be ???
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Two "oil" warning messages - "Check oil level" means about 2 quarts low. "Low oil pressure - stop engine" means just that - less than 5 psi. Maybe the sending switch. (Both parts from Rock Auto)

7.5 quarts to the middle of the dipstick hashmark is full.

The oil level sensor sticks out the left (front) side of the oil pan, just below and left of the oil filter and filter adapter. You need to drain the oil to remove and change it. Maybe just the wiring/connector.

Please read the oil level instructions - from GM - for the Northstar at the top of P.3 of the link in Post #1 in the following CF thread -


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