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Check gas cap/Engine light

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My check gas cap warning came off an on for about a month and it seemed to stop but now the engine light is on, would replacing the gas cap be a quick fix?

2004 cts
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How much could it cost to find out?
that would be where i would start.
more often than not, a loose gas cap is the cause of a check engine light

if you shut off the engine, replace the gas cap securely, and you still have the light, then it's something else

i think the second most popular cause is a dead o2 sensor
i replaced the cap monday afternoon, and the engine light did not appear this morning.....what is a dead o2 sensor? so i can have that checked also
all modern cars have oxygen sensors placed along the exhaust pipes. they are notoriously prone to failure.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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