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Check engine light catalytic issues

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I had my check engine light come in and I was told both catalytic's needed replaced and they had to order parts. OUCH!!! I love my caddi sooo it is what it is. I was coming home from work and noticed the light is off, It is still off. You know it just makes a person go HMMM. Any explanations?
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do I just upload a photo to my profile?
I recently purchased a 2010 CTS 3.6 luxury with 68,000 miles on it. They told me that they needed to replace the 02 sensors also. It just seemed strange to me that after the Check Engine Light being on for many many days it suddenly goes off. Since I have had it the car runs much much better I think cheap gas and it sat for a while didn't help the car I do have a heavy foot use to drive a 2005 mustang gt. This 6 cylinder is getting better performance the more I drive it. I do think I will take it out this weekend and do some driving and blow it out.
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Had code Po430 come up off to mechanic biting the bullet replacing both catalytic converters and o2 sensors. Also found used car place only had 2 of 4 tire sensors. Replacing the 2 cheap rubber valve stems. Thanks for the help
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