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Cheap Vogue Tires???

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Does anyone have an idea of where I can find Vogue tires at a cheap price? I lucked out on my first set getting 4 vogue rims and tires from ebay for only $600 :D. Now I cant even get 3 tires for that price lol. Please tell me where and how much you paid for the worlds most distinctive tire
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You might want to try your local dealer. Most of them I think can pro-rate the old tires and then you pay what ever the differance is. I payed $550 for a set of 4 that was also Upgraded to 17". Good luck!!!
craigslist has vogue tyres on it all the time.
At least the chicago one, anyway.
yeah try the dealer i got my vogue sonix there 18s i payed 200 dollars for all 4 rims and they were like new
Sorry to bring back a old thread but how exactly do you get Vogue Tires cheap at the dealer?

If I call the dealer what do I ask for exactly and is this a miles vary type of deal because usually everything is way more expensive at the dealer.

I have normal wore out tires on my 00 DTS and was looking for some 235/55/17 inch Vogue Tires with the white wall & yellow stripe.

Any info would be great thanks.
Tire Rack doesn't carry Vogue tires. The Cadillac dealerships I called have never heard of what was stated in this post.
Why would you want Vogue tires? Spend the money and get a set of performance tires and feel the difference great handling will make.
i work at a tire shop man..your not really gonna find em cheap anywhere...especially the yellow and white side wall...unless you find some crazy deal like some of these other guys which i dont believe(prob used or something).. if you dont want to spend the cash just put some michelin symmetrys on..they ride bomb and will give the the white wall...only prob is not yellow stripe also
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This thread is 2 years old, and advertising is only allowed in the classified section unless you're a vendor (I'd strongly recommend listing rim/tire sizes if you post there).

Other than that, :welcome:
The vogue is a vanity fen-om that really makes no sense at all. Too much other good rubber out there. Find a mirror. This explained it to way back This FZ music is for the The CL and the masses.All.When that soug ends It only gets better.

The vogue is a vanity fen-om that really makes no sense at all.
Kind of like all whitewalls? chrome trim? or paint that's shiny?
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