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As is often the case, I let someone else use my 2006 CTS and had it returned worse the wear.

It wouldn't start. I disconnected the battery from the car. It tested at 10.5 volts and refused to take a charge. I put it back in and jumped it and immediately disconnected from the other car. It ran with this low battery state but didn't idle cleanly and the lights weren't steady. The onboard voltage indication showed anywhere from 13 to 15 volts depending on the RPM.

I replaced the battery with a 78S from Oreilly's. Initially, the battery didn't seem to want to take a full charge stopping at about 12.5. After swapping chargers it inexplicably took a full charge that when re-installed in the car indicated 14.5 volts. I drove it work work yesterday and the onboard showed 14.4 volts when I left home and when I arrived. Before I left work it read 12.5 volts and pretty much stays there.

Last night, I disconnected the battery from the car and put it on the charger where it initially pulled 5 amps and took maybe 20 minutes to complete the charge.

I'm inclined to drop by Oreilly's and have them test both the battery and the alternator.

Suggestions anyone?
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