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Changing Swaybar Bushings

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Can anyone direct me to a post on changing the Swaybar bushings on a 94 ETC. I am getting a thud noise when I excel for a stop, sometimes when I turn, and sometimes when I put the car into gear. All the symptoms seem to point to bad bushings, now I just need to know how to replace them without a lift.
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A thud on accel or when putting into gear sounds more like an engine mount issue.
i had the same thud on acceleration, but not changing gears.

it was my bushings & links. and i figured it wasn't worth the time to change them. (note: i am totally retarded when it comes to anything car repair related)
I just got the car back from the shop for this problem and he checked all the mounts. Changed the dog bone looking mounts up front and said all others look good. Struts look good no leaking anywhere so I can only assume it is the bushings and links, I just need some direction on how to change them. Any help would be great!!!!
There are a couple of good posts on this subject, probably further back on the forum. I am at my daughters right now and don't want to tie up her computer but if you haven't found the info by the time I get home I will try to help. ( I had the luxury of using a friends lift.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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