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Changing Rear Pads - Top caliper pin problem

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I am in the middle of changing my rear pads and the top caliper pin won't slide (its not rotating easily at all). I can't get the caliper assembly down over the pads. I've never had this happen. How do I fix it?
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Re: Changing Read Pads - Top caliper pin problem

Thanks, 10 is what I was talking about. I rented the tool the rotate the piston and that is set. I had bought the EBC Red Stuff and these use this sticker on the back of the pad to help them set without noise. Because that top wasn't moving, the side of the caliper kept peeling the sticker as I tried to get it back down. I eventually moved the sticker up a bit so that it couldn't peel it.

I know that the top pin should let the caliper rotate a bit more, but should it also allow me to live it on the axis?
Maybe I'm doing something wrong. 22 is still secure around the rotor. 21 spins up with the pin (10) being the axis. Use the clips (4) to secure the pads inside of 22. Then I swing 21 back down over the pads.

Are you saying that ping 10 should be removed so that I can remove 22 and install everything within 21?
So does that mean that I have to take that in (10) out? I can't leave the two big bolts in 22 and load it up in place?
Thanks guys. That is how I started doing it, with 10 in. I got worried and didn't want to mess those pads up. I can't remember if I ever did them myself on this car. I think every time they needed replacing it was in the middle of winter so I always took it to a shop.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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