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Changing Rear Pads - Top caliper pin problem

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I am in the middle of changing my rear pads and the top caliper pin won't slide (its not rotating easily at all). I can't get the caliper assembly down over the pads. I've never had this happen. How do I fix it?
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Re: Changing Read Pads - Top caliper pin problem

Are you talking about #10 not moving?

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Spray brake cleaner or penetrating oil around the shaft of the bolt. Work it back and forth until it comes out. The grease in there gets old over time and gunks everything up.
Make sure you clean and re-grease the guides and bolts.
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Re: Changing Read Pads - Top caliper pin problem

Also, these pistons rotate in, You can rent a tool from the local auto parts.
Actually, you can rotate the caliper up with out removing the bracket to replace the pads only. I don't' recomment it. Remove the caliper, clean the caliper guides and pins. Personally, I pull and clean everything when doing brakes. You will be amazed at how hard and sticky grease can get over time and heat.
Remove 10 and 1 and clean and the holes they go into.
And always flush clean fuild through the system. Get one of these to make your life easier.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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