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Changing HID Headlight Bulbs Help

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This weekend I tried to change to 6000K bulbs on my headlights. But I failed :( I removed my headlight and everything but I just couldn't remove the HID bulb from the housing. I tried turning it to the both sides and even pulling stright up and no luck. I didn't really want to force anything. I didn't want to break anything and end up having to fix a bigger problem at the end of something simple.

Can anyone help me out so I can try again next weekend?
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Nevermind I found my problem. I was sold D2S bulbs instead of D1S bulbs. D1S are fixed into the base. No wonder I couldn't remove the bulb.. Now what do I do with a pair of 6000K D2S bulbs?
Also note that on the stock D1S bulb, the black plastic piece must be transferred to the new D1S bulb.
Sell them on E-bay is probably your best choice
where did you buy your bulbs from? and how much? Dealer wants $297 each.... I found a set on Amazon ($110 for both) but figured out they were the wrong bulbs after taking the headlight out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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