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changes in XM Navigation Traffic for 2015??

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In my 2014 CTS the traffic conditions and colors only involve Interstate highways. But I have driven 2015 models for BMW and Nissan and their traffic covers more roads - all major roads in the area - much better coverage than simply Interstates. Do 2015 Cadillac models also work like that, or do they still use the old system that only covers Interstate highways?? And if it does cover the same added coverage that other 2015 models have, can we update our 2014 system to get that added coverage?? My dealer was unaware of any updates, but XM support told me an update was available for my 2014 CTS!!

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I don't think so. Oddly enough, Sirius and XM have two totally different networks for traffic.

The XM network (which GM uses, and my Acura did, too) is much more limited. The Sirius network, which I had briefly in my ill-fated Infiniti Q50, had much more coverage that included many local roads. With the XM network, I don't get ANY flow data in the Capital District of NY. With Sirius, it covered most major roads. It makes no sense that they cannot be merged.

We also have a BMW X3, which does not use a satellite network. It pulls traffic data from some FM based source, I believe. It has more coverage than the Cadillac, but I find it to be not entirely reliable.

The Sirius satellite coverage was great and I really wish we had that in the Cadillac.
It will also depend on where you are, my 2014 isn't restricted to Interstates only, in the Seattle area. Around here it pretty much includes all of the roads where the data is available.
Correct. Different areas have different coverage. The Siriux coverage area, however, is much more expansive than XM.
BMW seems to use their own system, at least it isn't taken from SiriusXM, either Traffic or navTraffic. Here is a description from their web site:

Data is taken from movement profiles from the cellular network, GPS data from vehicle fleets, smartphone apps and police reports. The evaluation is so precise that you are provided with information on current traffic conditions as they develop - on motorways, major roads and country roads as well as numerous inner-city routes.

That would be why they can cover so much more. Nissan uses the SiriusXM navTraffic system according to the SiriusXM web site, so it should be the same as Cadillac. BMW is spying on us.
Nissan uses the SiriusXM version (that's what I had in my Infiniti). Cadillac uses XM NavTraffic.

Look at the NavTraffic coverage ( compared to the SiriusXM coverage (
As for original question - there is a new map update for the 14 CTS. It came out a while back. When you select Cadillac, CTS, and model year 2014 you will see a USB map update -
Part Number 23496379. Given the limits of NAV Traffic for the CTS which is an XM based radio, I didnt keep it past the initial trial. I do subscribe to Travel Link which supports the Weather and Weather Alerts by using/selecting the Cloud ICON on the top of CUE display screen. When you check for the update you will see an update available in CD format. Even if you have the optional CD player in your CTS, you must select the USB version. The CD disk version wont work. Go to and you will get routed to the new procedures for ordering map updates. USB map version is $159. Travel Link is $1.99/month. Go here for info on the additional Infotainment systems available - Note - components of Travel Link available are dependent on your vehicle.
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Does anyone know what of substance is in the map update?
XM Traffic is pretty useless. Major highways only. I just use my phone and Google maps for secondary road conditions. And it's free!
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