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Changed PCV Valve at 98k Miles

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Decided to check my PCV valve since I wasnt sure when it was changed last, Usually I am not the person who fixes things that "are not broken" but with the pcv being cheap and easy I decided to do it anyway. I have just over 98k miles on my 93, The PCV was burried in dirt and took a little convincing to remove on both ends. To my surprise it appears to be the OEM valve :bigroll: marked AC ROCHESTER TYPE CV 774. FSM says to service it every 30k, mine appears to gone through 3 service intervals lol. I need to go over the paperwork from years ago when the previous owner had dealer service it while still under warranty and see if they mention replacing it, maybe the dealer replaced it with a delco part and not a aftermarket part like I found at the local parts store.

When I pulled it out their was actually a few pieces of hair covered in oil that came out with it. It still rattles a bit, but not as much as the new one did. It is very discolored and has some heavy buildup on the canister aswell.

Should I clean the metal pipe going from the pcv to the throttle body or any other parts, or should it clean itself overtime? I replaced it since the idle is a bit rough at times and I go through about 2-3 qts of oil every 4000 miles but have never seen one drop of oil drip from the car
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It can't hurt to clean out that tube. I've seen them on many cars where it is loaded up with goop, so it can't possibly pull the fumes like it should. The PCV valve is a pretty simple device, just a one way valve basically. I've always been told the service interval is kinda like an O2 sensor, over time it's bound to get gummed up, but there is no real good way to test it, an it's cheaper to just change it than spend time checking it out. I always try to spray a bit of carb cleaner thru the valve when I'm under the hood. Also make sure that it fits tight in the old rubber grommet. A vacuum leak there can effect the running.
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