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Truly a nightmare experience from start to finish getting my vehicle serviced. It started out with the service writer asking me why I didn't go to the dealer who previously serviced my vehicle. I explained that I would be in town for a couple of months and would like to try out their de4alership. Here's the kind of customer service AI received from this dealership:

1. I was told that they didn't want to fix someone else s problems (I had a 0$ deductible GMPP Warranty)
2. The service writer (Ken Mathews) asked me if my car had been in an "Accident" (It hadn't, and the copy of car fax that he pulled proved it)
3. The service writer Ken Mathews also stated that the trailer hitch on my vehicle may be the cause of some of my problems (It wasn't, the hitch was to pull a very light Sailboat from the barn to the water, and was used approximately 10 times)
4. I made approximately 3 visits over a 2 month period, and each time I was made to feel like a second class customer. The service writer did everything except fix my vehicle.
5. Once I complained to the Service manager, I feel that the Central then made a reasonable effort to fix my vehicle including sending a mechanic to my home to drive the vehicle (They still couldn't determine the problem though)
6. Once I left the Cleveland area I went back to my regular dealer and asked that the car be repaired. I described the symptoms exactly as I did to the service writer Ken Mathews at Classic Cadillac. My regular dealer, Morris Cadillac took the car in, Immediately diagnosed the problem, replaced an axle, and transmission mount and my car now drives like new.

In my opinion the mechanics at Central Cadillac Carnegie Ave Cleveland are either lazy, incompetent or both, and the service writer I worked with was extremely rude to my wife and I

I wound NEVER consider returning to Classic Cadillac Cleveland. BTW if anyone questions the validity of this review, I have both witnesses, and documentation to prove all of the above is 100% factual!
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Our apologies that you had this experience, billdaman. If you would like for us to check into anything or further document this, please contact us privately with more details (including your name, contact information, and the last 8 digits of your VIN).

Sarah (Assisting Katie), Cadillac Customer Service

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I agree that I will not return to Central Cadillac on Carnegie Avenue. I bought my car there two years ago. Service is non-existent. They just waste your time.

The review is somewhat confusing. You reference Classic Cadillac. Classic is in Mentor Ohio. Classic has an excellent service department. Classic service department services my car. I'm very pleased with Classic Cadillac service.

You reference to Morris also confuses. There is a Morris Cadillac in North Olmsted OH. Is that the same place you had the car repaired after visiting Central?

Your profile indicates you are in New York. There may be a Morris Cadillac there? I have no direct experience with Morris in North Olmsted so no opinion.

Please clarify if possible. Thank you!
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