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Okay, I am going to attempt to make this quick...

First off, I want to find a CD Changer for my 98 SLS. I presume that I need the mounting kit as well. If anyone has a changer for sell please PM or email me or something... I think I have contact info on my profile...

Next, I have the BOSE system in my car. I do not get sound out of the right front door -- when I have base around the car, that door has nothing come out of it. The DIC has told me that there is a short somewhere.. I don't remember the code. Does the TECHTOOL have the ability to check the audio system, or does anyone have a speaker that would go in that door that they would sell? Does this year of Seville use the amp on speaker setup or is there only one amp?

One of my main questions is how well do these cars take to having a remote starter installed? Is there a way of installing the starter with out killing the anti-theft system or with out having a key in the dash?

Also, if I ever got the bug to install a more powerful amp/sub could I just connect the amp to the sub that is already there (on the HIGH level input) and have it work out of the box? Would that mess the bose system up?

Next and last I think (for now), Has anyone installed a PC into their cadillacs? Anyone have said PC communicating with their car? Does anyone know how the protocol works? I assume it is Class 2, but I am not sure anymore. I would love to install a PC in my computer, have it emulate the bose headset and allow me to communicate with the car. It would be awesome to have track listings scrolling across the DIC. I saw somewhere that someone had done that, or edited the text that had shown up. I wished I could find out more information about that.

I think that is it for now --- I figured I would make this post worth the time reading. I hope someone as an answer for each item. Thanks for reading guys!
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