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There are several options to try:

1. I don't know if the player has a force eject feature, but you could try turning the car on, then at the same time press the power and eject buttons, hold them for a least 10 seconds to see if the CD ejects, but if that does not work, try with the car turned off and do the same thing.

2. If the player has a catch release button, pressing it with something like a paper clip may release the CD so you can grab it.

3. A reboot of the car systems may help. Turn the car off, disconnect the neg cable, wait at least 10 minutes (some say an hour), reconnect the cable and then try to eject it (you may have to reset your window auto up/down after this).
Or you could just try pulling the fuse and waiting - check the fuse to make sure it is good, if not replacing it may solve the issue.

4. Insert a blank CD about an inch (maybe less) into the slot and press the jammed CD down a little and press eject, or press the stuck CD up a little and try eject again if the first one did not work.

OR you could just leave it in and play your music via USB.

Note: If the CD has a label on or is damaged could be two of a number of reasons it became jammed, or the unit has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.
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