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CD Cassette Stuck

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I have bought a '98 Concours with a factory cd player in the trunk. The cassette has gotten stuck. When you pull the cassette door to the side I suppose the cassette is suppose to eject. That doesn't happen. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting that thing out?

Thanks so much in advance,
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If this a 12 CD magazine, then its the same as a Pioneer brand unit. In order to eject there has to be 12 volts present (fuse?). Does the unit power up and spin CD,s? If not, ck the wiring at the unit. If it works otherwise, then the door that you slide open is not contacting the switch to eject. I have basically the same unit in my car and very rarely the magazine delays popping up and I usually find the individual CD carrier in crooked or dirty. Any good stereo shop should be able to remove the outer box of the unit to diagnose the cause. You should also post this in the forum having to do with stereo installs and repairs on the main forums page.
Thanks for the reply. Its a six cd player I believe. It does peower up in there is a light that lights near the bottom of the magazine opening and I can hear it try to eject.

I'll have to take it apart and see what's in there. Once I do that I may have to ask more questoins and I'll do that in the stero section.

Thanks again,
Jack :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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