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Catera Stereo Q's

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Just got a 2001 Catera without the bose system. What size speakers are in the front/rear doors? What is the best place to run an amp wire through the firewall? Any other tips?
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blownsi said:
Just got a 2001 Catera without the bose system. What size speakers are in the front/rear doors? What is the best place to run an amp wire through the firewall? Any other tips?

No clue what speakers are in there for size. Someone will chyme in about that.
About going through the firewall my favorite spot to go through is the passenger side floor have one person tap from inside and the other listen from under the car. Find a spot where nothing will hit and go to town.
Okay so I'll bump my own post.

Here's what I found so far:
Front's 6-1/2 or 6-3/4 either way it requires 1" spacers and cutting metal
Rear's - They are 5" so I'm going with 5-1/4's and 1" spacers

For the firewall:
After spending 6 hours removing panels and poking around I gave up and took the car to my buddy who is a installer. He came up with the solution of going from under the hood through the passenger side fender (there is a square hole cut for the brake lines there already) then drilling a hole through the fenderwell which lands inside the vehice and into the 4" thick foam on the passenger side floorboard. We covered the wire in tons of electrical tape & flex loom used a grommet and dum-dum(kinda like caulk) for the pass-through and hopfully it will be sealed from the elements.

Here's my plan in case your curious:
Metra Dash kit 99-2004
Metra GM Antenna Adaptor AADP4
Metra Wiring harness 70-2001
(2) Metra 1" spacers 82-4300
Alpine 9811 Head Unit
Alpine SPR-176A 6-3/4" Mids & 1" Tweets Fronts
Alpine SPR-136A 5-1/4" Mids & 1" Tweets Rears
4 RE 8" Subs in a 3.0cuft ported box tuned to 32.3hz
All pushed by a Kicker 700.5 amp
Lightning Audio SX4PK - 4ga Amp kit
(3) Stinger Hyper - SHR17 17ft rca cables

To those who are trying to install a system in their Catera here's what I know:
Most places won't do it cause of the security/On star. However I am told by a buddy who works at a very well respected install shop that it is possible just not profitable for them. They get paid about a $100 for a install that will require about 16 hours work (you do the math.) Also many of the panels break when prying or bending them out of the way. Be really careful. I can also tell you this: I will get my system in my car no matter how long it takes or what I brake; it will happen. And I will keep you updated so it's easier for you.
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That is going to be one bad ass system you got there. If you have the capabilty please take pics and post them. I am always looking for ideas. I do it as a hobby for friends/family/ coworkers. They give me beer and a small amount of cash for some of my crazy ideas. I take it your an alpine man or just got good ideas. Can i ask why you choose alpine speakers. I normally go with the MB quart front speakers and whatever is on sale for the rear.
Sure you can ask. I actually always thought Alpine was overpriced but here's the deal: For the head unit the best specs out there besides really high end brands is alpine. They just seem to be a good deal for the money. For the speakers I am actually a Polk guy. I run all Polk in my home theatre however I don't feel their car audio tweeters are as bright as their home ones. It's funny but as you know - there are bassheads well I am into clear highs and distinct midrange. I ran Infinity in my fist car a Fiero and I felt they had a cloudy midrange and weak highs. Then went PolkEX for my Neon in which I felt I spent more money than they were worth. For My 99 Civic SI I run Polk DB 6-3/4's again still not pleased with the highs. So much so that I pulled the tweets and installed some Soundstremes a buddy had and am much happier. So for the Catera I started to demo speakers even non Polks (gasp) and found Alpine Type R's to be very crisp and detailed. I probably still won't be happy but that's the nature of the hobby :D As for the MB's you mentioned I remember them from my roots of car audio back in 92-94 and they were the best out there. I figured like every other brand from then they probably are crap by now. Also I don't have anywhere locally that sells them so no demo.
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Everyone is entitled to there opinion. I am personally against alpine. But for no reason other than i had one head unit go bad on me a cheap one at that. For headunits i am a pioneer man all the way. The DEH750 is my baby. I love that thing. The MB quarts IMO are the best out there for the money. Yes they are around 200 for the front but man are they worth it. They come with a crossover for your tweeters that is nice enough to display. I am not loyal to any brand for the rear speakers and the amp.
I am the same type of guy as you im not into the bass but love the mids and highs. For subs you can't go wrong with one JL.
Check this link out for some good pricing. i have ordered from these guys before and there great.
I have converted to a Alpine man since i picked up my CVA-1004, but i also have the Pioneer DEH-P8000 that's going into the Catera, I hear the Type-R's are sufficient but in the area of a sub you definitely can'r wrong w/ JL. Quick question i've had my catera for well over a year and use it for my winter/everyday and leave my toy in the garage but anyways, the part#s that were listed at the top of this post will the wire harness allow you to use the control on the steering wheel for aftermarket radios. Thanks
If You want to run your cable thruogh the firewall like it should be, than do the following.

Everything is on the drivers side!!!

Take the fuse cover off, unscrew the next set of 2 huge plastic screws (on on each side). Once you take that plastic off, grab a bright flash light and shine the light a little bit up and to the left of the break pedal. You should see a rubber cap there. Cut a hole in that cap, or remove it (either one). Feed The cable thru there starting in the inside. The cable should come up right by the front left strut. You might neet a cote hanger or something to crab it. It is possivel trust me. I have a 4 guage cable runing thru my firewall now .
i did the same thing loud and i have 4 guage wire also
And blownsi you are a lifesaver Ive been looking for the right speakers for my doors for a lil over a week now but I hadnt thought about it your way. But i was sure getting sick of everyone saying that they didnt know what size speakers were in the car.
Does anyone know if there are body kits for the catera 2000 or 2001 and if so where can i find out how to get one?


Check on the side there under accessories programme or new vehicle upgrade..

our cars name is Omega
Catera speaker sizes


Crutchfiled is great for providing speaker that fit without mods. Last I looked they had 11 models.

Go to

Catera speaker sizes


I miss spelled the link it's

Go to

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