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1998 Catera 64000 miles, This car has occupied a lot of my time trying to
figure out what problems that I have had. I purchased the repair manuals
on ebay for $35 and a engine scanner from Sears for $135. I also have been
searching user groups like this and coming up with a lot of information.

The car is immaculate and I feel that everything is running perfectly
at this time. Even with all of the problems I am in love with this car
It is quick, solid and handles well.

I have done all possible maintenance on this car including replacing
all of the brake pads before needed. I recommend this car to anyone
that is willing to make a maintenance and repair commitment to get their
car up to snuff when they purchase the car.

1 – Took the car to the dealer and had them check to make sure that the
Recall work had been preformed for the timing belt and pulley, it was.

2 – Problem with idle, removed and cleaned the idle valve - same problem.

3 – Lost spark in #3 and #6 cylinder, replaced ignition coil pack myself
3 hrs. not a bad job. Paid through the nose for the part - $280.00

4 – Radio not turning on while the engine is running, blown fuse due to
Poor connections at the secondary water pump. Fixed connections and replaced
Fuse – all ok.

5 – Engine running rough at idle and while driving, took it to the dealer they wanted $1100 for new plugs and wires. The wires were beautiful and I could not believe that they were bad, I was sure that there was an injector problem that is why I took the car to the dealer. Replaced the plugs and wires (2hrs.) with a cost of $226.00 and it runs as if it was new, steady idle and a ton of power.


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I can't believe the $1100 for plugs and wires. That's Y I avoid Caddy. I had the same problem with mine last spring...Wires looked almost new, but they were bad. Spent about $236 for wires at a very reputable dealer here Upstate NY.
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