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Got a catch can from Amazon after doing some research on the one I choose, decided to pull the trigger.

I had been having some consumption, but the main reason is my U shaped hose was again failing. That annoying fellow that runs between the valley cover and intake.

I'm really pleased with the results, and the location is perfect. The kit comes with everything except real thread tape and hose.

I used the stud that sticks out next to the battery. A good friend suggested the location and it's perfect, looks very clean and like it belongs there.

Replaced the Chinese lines, removed some burrs from the head of the unit and installed everything.

I am happy to note the car runs much better now, my afr dropped to an acceptable range (air leak will lean it out some) and I had zero consumption of oil after a 6hr drive.

The consumption reduction may be due to switching oil or maybe a side result of the catch can. I'm far from an expert on this. But previously driving the same route I drove this weekend, I used 1/4 L.

This trip zero. Last trip 3 weeks ago was with shell ultra helix, this trip caltex/havoline. I'll be sticking with the Havoline.

Hope this helps someone looking to cleanly install a catch can in the future.

The stud I used takes a 10mm nut. I used 2 extras I had from my tail light swap. I had to step the hole up from 5mm to 6mm and it's a perfect fit.

You will have to remove the dipstick from the can and there is exactly enough space to remove the catch can body to empty it.

This is a link to what I used.

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