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For any Limited owners frustrated by the lack of wireless carplay, I use a Carlinkit3.0 adapter for wireless access.

I had been using it in my XT6 for the past year and a half and it worked pretty well 95 percent of the time.

I updated the firmware last evening and it immediately seemed more stable.

And I also did order a Carlinkit Ai box which is based on a newer version of the hardware that is supposedly faster and more stable. and it claims it can convert the car screen android tablet. I'll update this thread for comparisons once I get it.

And on a related note has anyone heard any rumors as to whether Cadillac is hoping they might be able to add wireless capability to the Limited infotainment? I believe the consensus was the reason it is missing is because the Carplay standard requires access to the car gps signal for vehicles with built in Nav. So hopefully it might be a matter of Apple certifying that for wireless vehicles with available gps.
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