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carpet removal procedure??

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:bouncy: Greetings from a brand new member! I bought my daughter an '03 CTS last year and she really loves the car. Recently she was driving home from work and got caught in a very heavy rainstorm. Long story short, the carpet is soaked. I want to pull it out and replace it or at least dry it if possible. I looked at it a few minutes ago and I'm probably missing something simple but how do I remove the front seats to get the carpet out?? All help greatly appreciated. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!
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It is simple. Just remove the two bolts, one is on the side, one is on the floor, then unplug all the wiring, tilt the seat forward so it unlatches in the front and its ready to come out. You will probably want to take out the console as well, and remove the lower trim pieces. Hope that helps.
:welcome5: to the forum! Good luck with the dry-out!
Thanks guys! I appreciate the info. My first post was after a 14 of work and then trying to figure out how to get the front seats out---I had a little case of brain fry at the time. I am shocked that I actually had a torx head of the correct size to fit the hold-down bolts for the front seats. But, I got the carpet all out and have been drying it for a couple of days now. However, this carpet has seen a lot of abuse so I need to find a good quality replacement. The local dealer wants 900.00 ---surely there is a good aftermarket supplier that would be cheaper?? Any suggestions??? Thanks a lot and have a safe and happy Memorial Day Holiday.
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Aren't there air bags in the seat that need to be shut down before safely removing the seat? I haven't looked yet, but if there's a yellow connector, it's part of the air bag circuit. I think the impact sensor is on the tunnel, but I heard about static electricity warnings on the bag connectors.
Hmmm, maybe someplace like JC Whitney (GASP!!!) Good luck.
I saw the yellow connectors and thought they might be part of the airbag system. I decided to just disconnect the battery and leave the connections intact. The carpet looked like it was in sections and sure enough, it was. I was able to get the carpet out without removing the seats from the vehicle. I just unbolted the seats and moved them back and forth and tilted them enough to slide the carpet out from under them. I had to remove the four bolts from the console and lift it up enough to slide out the carpet. With a little help from my wife, it was not too much of a chore. The carpet is now dry and ready to reinstall until I can purchase some for replacement. RightTurn, thanks for the suggestion. I'll check their website and see what they have to offer. Thanks again,
never heard of aftermarket carpet.
i would PM Lindsay Cadillac for a price, but shipping may kill you.
alternatively, check your local yellow pages for upholstery shops, maybe a car audio shop. good luck

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