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I think the indents you see are for the Cadillac factory shade, which is the foldable one. I purchased it and can't believe Cadillac would sell such a piece of ##. Cheep fabric and a pain to open and put up.
That's too bad - they looked the same as the indents in my '16 SRX, which came with the rollup cargo shade.

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New XT6 owner with a question about the Cargo Cover (part 84663796) 2020-2022 Cadillac XT6 Cover Shade 84663796 |

Has anyone installed this part in their XT6? I had ordered it however was called by the dealer that it doesn't work with my VIN... 2022 XT6 Sport.. any ideas as to why it wouldn't fit or a case of their dealership not knowing their stuff.

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Can't imagine why it wouldn't fit. It's a pretty crappy cover from what I've read.

Discussed elsewhere: Cargo shade
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