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A while back I posted a thread asking for experience with the's bra for the Seville. No one had any input. Some were thankful that I found a supplier. One person said they couldn't find anyone in Canada that sold them. The irony here is that CarBras is in WA but the covers are made in Canada!

Anyway, I thought I'd report on my 1400 mile road trip experience with my new car bra.

First off, it's fits like a glove - no problems there. It comes in two pieces, one for the hood and one for the lower area. There's a screen over the grill and clear plastic over the fog lamps. Ther is also provisions for a front license plate if you need it.

Installation was somewhat intuitive. The inner fenders were a bit of a problem however. According to the instructions, you are supposed to replace two plastic fasteners (each fender) with some snap fittings (very nice touch), no problem there. Then it's very vague on how you attach the one hook type fitting (each side again). The parts list showed new screws for the snap fasteners but no info on attaching the hook fittings. In fact there was hardware included that had no apparent use. To complete the installation, I ended up buying two sheetrock fasteners and replacing the upper factory fasteners to accommodate the new hooks. It all went together fine after that. I reported my issue to the company and they said they would advise their engineering dept. You interpret that any way you want, I never heard from them.

Performance-wise the bra protected my paint like I expected it to. I did my best to reduce the bug population and I was immune to road debris. I did notice the cover flopping a LOT on my hood when I drove over 70MPH. I think my computer said I averaged 75. I stopped a few times concerned that the slapping would damage my paint. I could not see any damage whatsoever. My car was very clean and freshly waxed before I left so I'm sure that helped. The underside of the bra is very soft too.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the cover - once I figured out the fastener problem. I wish it wouldn't flop around but it's not a real problem if there isn't any dirt underneath.
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