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Carbon Fiber Madness!

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Hey Fella's,

I just finished my first year med school and am finally on vacation. After getting some cleaning products for the caddy I came across some carbon fiber vinyl. I have been having some fun experimenting with various things. These are some that are in the works.

Front Emblem:

Eyelids (TAD style):

Rear deck lid ("lip spoiler" look):

This was my first attempt at this stuff so I will end up redoing some for better fit and finish. This was just to give me an idea. What's everyone's opinion, good or bad (it won't kill me if you all think its ricer-ish, I kinda think the look suits the sporty-ness of the car ;) ).

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Not my kinda thing.... I don't like the carbon fiber look at all, too ricey IMO, but it's your car.
glad its removable

congrats on first year of med school :)

edit: i DO like the shape of the headlight eyelid

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kinda like the crest, looks clean and simple, sorta suits the car. i wouldn't go overboard with it.
You should do the rear emblem as well. And maybe the triangle on the headlights too.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Carbon Fiber dessup stuff, but it's unique on your CTS.
I think its just a phase, it will probably bug me after a couple of days and most of it will be off. I need to find vinyl the same shade as my silver smoke. The closest was this carbon fiber. So its really just an experimental run to see how well I can work with vinyl.

I think the headlights would look better if it matched the body color. As for the emblems, I like them dark (I don't care much for all that glitzy caddy stuff in the center, this way it looks more down to business).
I kinda liked it on the headlights
that would look like garbage on my color but not bad on stealth gray or thunder or whatever
Like the head lights & emblem :thumbsup:
so where did you get this vinyl and how much?
Two ideason this:
1. it looks fairly clean, and nice when used sparingly.

2. the purist in me says only do it if its real carbon fiber.

bottom line, if it makes you happy, go for it.
Like the shape of the eyelids, nice...
Hey Fella's,

I just finished my first year med school and am finally on vacation.
Yo Smoke--props to you on finishing up that frst year of med school Bro....I'm still out on carbon fiber, but I kinda like it on the center brake light....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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