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NEED HELP Weird problem. Had the car in the shop to get the drivers seat motor replaced. In told them to leave it outside, and I would come by this evening with the wife fob and get the car, then come by in the morning and pick up my fob. Went by, door unlocked fine, car started fine, then we went to a restaurant for dinner.
Once there, the car would not shut off. Turn the switch to off, and dash lights all go out just like you turned it off, but it was still running. Got out, tried the remote start deal, nothing. So I cancelled the dinner and drove it home. Parked it out of the way and locked it while I went to see where I wanted to leave it all night running.
Walked back to the car, couldn't have been a full minute and it was off. I am totally baffled. It had a check engine light on when I picked it up, so I was going to take it back for that. Do these cars have some sort of programable "engine run" after the key is turned off?
I didn't start it again as I dread it running all night.
Any ides?
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