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Car thinks it's night

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Ok I have noticed that the car thinks it's always night time and the auto headlights never turn off

When you unlock the car during the day the high beams and back-up lights kick on(I am guessing this is the perimeter lighting) using the remote

I plugged the tech-2 in and the sensor value never changes for the sensor
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It looks like the trim panel around it should just pop out but not sure yet

I have looked up the part and it's cheap(a lot cheaper then I expected) so if I can get Into the dash easy then I will swap out myself and save a trip to the dealer
CaptSoloNJ said:
I wonder if cars made for Canada may be different since DRL's are mandatory there. Anyone know?
They aren't required here in the U.S. as of yet
It just makes it cheaper for car companies to conform to Canada on that so they stick them on no matter if it's a U.S. car or a Canadian car

My escalade has them but I only use them as perimeter lighting at night to see to get to the truck otherwise they could be off for all I care

I figured it would actually turn them off on the cts when I had the switch off but it didn't(which I found odd as my escalade does turn them off with the headlight switch)
Kingoftypos said:
Huge thanks it will help big time
Taz816 said:
It is possible that the sensor came loose and fell under the dash cover. Mine did that, and all it took was a little glue to reattach the sensor so that it was in the light. The sensor is a small bubble like piece that sticks up through the center of the dash cover. If it isn't sticking out, its about a 5 minute fix.
Nope it didn't come loose
I am going to check it this weekend so I can figure out if it needs a new one or if it's just a loose connection
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