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The GPS technology is widely used allover the places, it is very convenient and can save you a lot of time. If you still don't have it in your car, why not get one today?

A GPS can provide you with an alternate route, give spoken turn-by-turn directions, show you closest location of a gas station, restaurant, hotel, or tourist attraction and much more. Once you've located what you want, the system can calculate a route to get you there and even provide you with contact information.

Today automotive market offers huge variety of GPS systems. They include great list of different features, such as the ability to speak street names, issue speed warnings, and provide reality view, graphically representing major intersections, Bluetooth connectivity, which can be handy for hands-free phone operation. Here at CARiD we provide our customers with the finest GPS Navigation the industry can offer. Here are only few examples for you:

Garmin® - nuvi Advanced 4.3" Touchscreen Vehicle GPS Navigator

TomTom® - VIA 1605 6.0" Touchscreen Vehicle GPS Navigator

Magellan® - RoadMate 7" Touchscreen Vehicle GPS Navigator For RVers

We also carry various GPS accessories such as GPS holders, mounting, chargers, cables, gadjets and cell-phone holders and everything you need for comfortable and safe ride! To check all of them click here: Car GPS Systems | Garmin GPS, Tom Tom GPS, Magellan GPS

Our tech specialists prepared the article Advantages Of A GPS Navigation System In Your Vehicle, which you can find interesting. Read the whole text with this link: Advantages Of A GPS Navigation System In Your Vehicle

Share with us your experience of using car navigation and accessories!
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