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Car Is Accellerateing on it's own?

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Car Is Accellerateing on it's own what the hell is going on.
can anyone tell me what the problem is it's a 2001 dts and it does it in drive and reverise....:ill:
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What do you mean by "Accellerating on it's own"? High idle or actual accelerating (increasingly more throttle)?
Say I come to a complete stop, when I let off the breaks the car accellerates up to about 20-30 on it's own. It started yesterday now its jurking every now and then, could it be the trans.
I'd start by giving the TB a good cleaning. You probably have a carbon build up in the throttle bore, preventing the throttle plate from closing completely, resulting in a high idle.
will a trans. flush and new belt solve the problem...
dont have the tranny flushed , belt might be a nice idea as a preventive thing but it wont fix your problem .....

your best bet is to swing it by your dealer and have them do a "induction service" ...its over 100 bucks , but if they use BG products its well worth it ....i was skeptical about it till i tried it myself it seems to do very well
Are you getting a "check engine " Light? Is the A/C or defroster on when this happenes?
Go to the top left of this page, click on Technical Archives, read up on trans flushing, then slap yourself and never say that again.
I'll slap your self if you ever talk to me like thet again lol, Nauh just jokeing.
Yes the check engine light is on and yes the deforsters are on when it happends...
Get Yourself A Can Of 5-56 Or Some Other Type Of Penetrating Oil & Spray Up & Lubricate The Entire Throttle Body First Before Doing Anything Else. A Lil Lube Will Do Wonders Sometimes.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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