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Car doesn't start

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Ok so yesterday i changed the transmission oil in my 03 3.2L the car has been sitting in my garage for like 3 months, when i garaged the car i took the batery out to put it in another car so yesterday when i wanted to turn on the car to fill the tranny oil !!!there was no power!!! nothing not even the dome lights, so i cheked all the fuses in the engine compartment and the ones in the back seat but all where fine, anyone has any suggestions on what happened?
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If the battery is good then you must have some connection problem somewhere.
Be sure the connections are clean and tight.
Connect the battery and check accross the terminals with a meter or test light to be sure that you actually have power.
Remove the cover on the fuse block and check the main power feed from the battery. Top right in the fuse block there should be a large cable coming in to feed the fuse/relay block. Check that.
Maybe a bad connection or cable it sounds like.
Do you have power to the cable I mentioned in the fuse block itself?
If you have a meter, check from negative to postitive on the battery to verify voltage.
Then keep the black lead on negative and touch the positive lead to where the cable bolts to the fuse block in that upper right corner.
(make sure you are set to measure DC volts)
You should have the same voltage there.
If not you might have a cable issue.
No lights come on or anything at all inside the car?
The headlight switch won't turn the lights on?
No chime when the key is put in the ignition?

It sounds like a blown fuse link, those little square fuses with copper inside them. Look them over closely to see if any look damaged. They are hard to see sometimes.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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