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I have about 5,000 in car audio in my current (95 Impala) vehicle and im going to test drive a 00 STS W/ NAV but thinking twice im wondering how many problems im going to have with getting everything swaped out.

Will i have to mount the factory HU in the trunk? Do they make harness kit extentions? :) Also I will have NAV will i loose the any functionaility with the HU being in the trunk if i go that route? I was told that the HU's on some cars retain the mileage counter? Im very shocked and wish this wasnt a concern as much as it is but i got 5,000 in equipment that needs a new home and plus i need the bumps and the clarity and i dont think the BOSE system will hold me over.

Any website i can research or tech info would help out greatly i really cant see myself buying this car might have to think about a esclade or a denali

Thanks everyone
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