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2014 CTS V sport (Trifecta tune, hold on!)
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For those that don't subscribe, there's a long term 2014 Vsport review in June's issue of Car and Driver. Other then CUE, it's very positive. Also interesting to note that only 31,115 Vsports were produced.

Wish they had done a sidebar on a tuned Vsport.

There's also a nice review of the new ATS-V coupe.

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2014 CTS Vsport
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I assume you're referencing the following statement in the linked article....

"Oddly, fewer and fewer buyers seem to realize how good the CTS is. In 2014, this best-ever CTS hit an all-time low—just 31,115 sales."

...but they're talking about the CTS in toto, not just the CTS VSport. Here (from a Wikipedia article) are total combined sales of all Cadillac CTS models by year.

2002 37,976
2003 49,392
2004 57,211
2005 61,512
2006 54,846
2007 57,029
2008 58,774
2009 38,817
2010 45,656
2011 55,042
2012 46,979
2013 32,343
2014 31,115

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Black 2014 Vsport Premium
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Once in awhile the car mags steer me wrong, but for the most part they are a great car buying resource. It amazes me that so many people rely on their incomplete (or non-existent) knowledge, or the guy at the office who states his opinion with such authority that he must be right.
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