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Capital Cadilla, Smyrna (Atlanta) Georgia

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I purchased an XTS from this dealer about a month ago. I had done my research and left that morning to purchase a car, starting at a different dealership as they had the blue with camel interior I wanted. I made an appointment and arrived on time, only to be told that this car was in the shop due to an accident on the lot. I had no intention of buying that car now, of course. They had no other XTS's similar to what I was looking for, but could find one at another dealer and bring it over. Of course, $900 would have to come off the deal to cover the other dealer. As it was easy enough for me to go to another dealer and save a double dip, I left. I was amazed at how easily they let a customer slip away.

I then drove across town to Capital Cadillac, where I had the pleasure to meet Julius Murray, a Cadillac Brand Consultant. To keep it brief, I went home that evening with the car I wanted, and at the price I expected to pay. I found Julius to be both personable and professional, taking the time to understand what I was looking for and going through every detail on the car to ensure my satisfaction. I've got my share of gray to have purchased numerous cars over the years, and thought it was worthwhile to note that this was likely the best experience I've had on a vehicle purchase to date. I expect,and hope, the service department will deliver in the same manner. I would highly recommend this gent for a pleasant car buying experience.
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