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I got some subs a few weeks ago and finally got my amp so I could install them. When the car is moving, there is no light dimming at all. However, when the car is at a light, the lights dim a bit. Nothing major, but it's there. I'm not even playing it high at all. I heard that a capicitor will take care of that. Is that true? If so, what kind/size do I need? My set up is 2 Infinity "Perfect 10" 10 inchers, and an 800 watt Pioneer amp with the Scoche wiring kit, sealed box, and the little GM battery adapter. lol. It's not a rediculously high power system, but it sure could be. I only wanted minor power, so I didn't get a huge amp. What do I need for no dimming or power loss to occur?
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A cap is not the solution. It may seem to help, but it won't correct the cause. Using a cap to correct dimming light is an extremely common misuse.

What gauge is the wire you used? Amplifier model? What is the battery adapter?

Try using a wider wire for your ground, make sure is is properly grounded.
For no dimming you would need to spin your alternator faster, just as when driving. A smaller alternator pulley would work if you can find one. This may also require a shorter belt.
For an 800w amp, you should be using a 4 guage wire for both power and ground. Remember, your fuse should be no more than 18 inches from the battery. And your ground should be short, and to the body chassis.

What guage are the wires you are using? If not 4 guage that's where the problem is. Next up is a higher amp alt or I guess as Mat said maybe a smaller pulley would work, but I would just get a higher amp alt.
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