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Can't remove "service airbag" message on dash

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I had my instrument cluster replaced becuase the old one had a problem with the speedometer. The "new" one that was put in has the service airbag message on the screen as well as the red airbag light on. Not only is this a eye sore, but its a headache because I can't use my info button to scroll through my info center. Can someone tell me how to clear this and get back the use of my DIC. With out it,I can't address the other problems I'm having. Someone please help... Thanx

97 Eldo
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Check the "sticky" in the Tech Tips section.
Probably doesn't pertain here but I had the same message on my '93 STS. Turned out to be a capasitance unit that stores enough voltage to fire the airbags in case the battery gets knocked loose first. It is under the dash just to the right of the steering colum, easy to get to. My '93 had the OBD1 system so was able to get the code easy enough. If anyone has an OBD1 system you can go to and print out the codes and what they are. I haven't used the site in a while but imagine it is still active.
I appreciate the feed back, however, maybe there's some miscommunication here. The thing is, I don't have an air bag problem. No airbag codes so up in a diagnostic. My original cluster was replaced with a used one that already had the service airbag warning on the DIC from the car it was taken out of. What I need to know is how to clear it out so that I can get the use of my info button. It steadily stays with the service airbag message on the dash. I thought the computer would realize that my Eldo doesn't have airbag issues, but obviously not so I need to let it know that all is well. Can someone please tell me what language I need to speak, and how to speak it to communicate with my computer. Thanx guys...
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