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Can't remove crankshaft pulley

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2001 Deville Base

Per Chilton's instructions, I loosened the three back subframe bolts, removed the three front subframe bolts, and used a jack to lower the front part of the subframe.
The pulley did go down a little bit with the frame, but it seems that the frame went way down while the pulley went down just a little bit.

I don't know what's in the way of the pulley going further down so that I can install a pulley removal tool. Right now the pulley's not down enough.

The picture shows a mount next to the pulley. Is this mount preventing the pulley from going lower? If so, how do I remove it? Do I also need to remove more mounts?

Also, since I'm replacing the pulley with a new one, can I just heat the bore area and pry it off?

Mary Lamb


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Crank pulley/harmonic balancer- Special torque + degrees of bolt rotation to install............ or you have no oil pressure.

37 lb/ft + 120 degrees of rotation with the engine flexplate locked.

#11 - oil pump drive spacer - friction-driven by the face of the balancer hub.


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