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Can't remove crankshaft pulley

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2001 Deville Base

Per Chilton's instructions, I loosened the three back subframe bolts, removed the three front subframe bolts, and used a jack to lower the front part of the subframe.
The pulley did go down a little bit with the frame, but it seems that the frame went way down while the pulley went down just a little bit.

I don't know what's in the way of the pulley going further down so that I can install a pulley removal tool. Right now the pulley's not down enough.

The picture shows a mount next to the pulley. Is this mount preventing the pulley from going lower? If so, how do I remove it? Do I also need to remove more mounts?

Also, since I'm replacing the pulley with a new one, can I just heat the bore area and pry it off?

Mary Lamb


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Got it. It was the lower screw. Pulley came out. Now for the hard part-installing the seal :suspect:
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Thank you guys for all the answers.

Okay, time for the seal. The picture shows the seal just placed by hand over the hole. (The pulley shaft had eroded throughout time, making the pulley wobble). Back to the seal: The seal is practically impossible to "set in straight" in preparation for a PVC pipe to be used to mallet the seal in. I tried the PVC pipe gently and noticed that the seal is going in crooked--part of the seal goes in further than another. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Got it. Practice, practice, practice. Now for putting everything together the and getting proper torque on the bolt. Thank you all. :)
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