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Can't find build codes...

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My Daughter just purchased a 2006 CTS. I went looking for the build
codes in the spare tire area and they weren't there ? Are they anywhere
else or can I go to Cadillac with the Vin. and get one ?
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you should be able to take the VIN to the dealer and have them look it up and give you the list
Look on the bottom side of the spare tire cover.
No.. its not with the spare cover. I'll bring the Vin. to the dealer.
Thanks for the info.
mine isnt on the bottom of my spare tire cover either...i just took my VIN to the dealer and they printed the entire sheet off for me
Thanks again guys. The dealer printed out the build sheet for
me with all the codes. :thumbsup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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