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Can new Escalade remain king of bling?

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The 2007 Cadillac Escalade SUV bowed Wednesday with a nod to the Hollywood crowd that helped make a name for the vehicle.

Landing in showrooms early next year, the new Escalade is by all measures a better vehicle than its predecessor. Its 6.2-liter V8 engine makes 403 horsepower and achieves 19 miles per gallon on the highway, up from 17 miles per gallon with the 6.0-liter V8 it replaces. Its luxurious ebony and cashmere interior is not shared with any other GM sport utility.

In addition, it has a new roof-mounted head curtain airbags that protect passengers in a rollover accident and a stiffer frame to mitigate the impact of crashes. "They've hit the bull's-eye from what I've seen," said Jim Sanfilippo, an industry analyst with AMCI Inc. in Detroit. "My honest assessment is the prospects are very bright for this vehicle."
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Looks like a spruced up Tahoe to me :(
Peace Xrayqueen :nono:
ohhhhhh i cant wait to get my grubby little hands on it .....perhaps ill stay on at the dealer till im ready for the move to cali ....timing should work out just right for me to get first drive
I'm glad they've decided to up the HP to 403. That sounds even more impressive. I like the look of the new front-end. I think the grill looks sharp with a wide space between it and the headlights.
19 MPG on the highway, and 403 HP! Isn't technology great!!!! :)
19 mpg / 403 hp / 6.2 liter is not quite a technological wonder in the world technological standards if you ask me... But it is indeed an improvement.
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