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Can I have a 2005 Escalade EXT? (For a good price)

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Been doing some extensive searching for one this past week and a half. So far,what I have found are all 185 miles away from me in my town or more from Memphis Tn. What I have discovered is that some of the EXT's have navigation in them and some do not. Some have chrome stock 17 in wheels and some have aluminum. I would like a 2005 model or maybe an 2004 with miles from 60,000 to 85,000 and a price range of $17,500 to 19,500. Of course the EXT would come standard with all the other bells and whistles including a sunroof, hopefully.

Am I fairly much asking for too much or am I in the right price range? I looked up the KBB $25,000 for one that had all Nav and sunroof, chrome rims at roughly 70,000 miles.
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The EXT came out in 02, why only looking for 04-05 model year?

What Ive noticed is that the Escalades atleast around here are selling for a lot more than they were just a few months ago. Not sure why.
Look for 03-06 EXT's. They are basically the same with the exception of a few minor interior differences between 03-04 and 05-06. I picked up an 03 EXT with 70k miles, Nav, and chrome stocks for $14000. I got a fairly good deal though, keep your eyes peeled.... dont rush to buy anything, i shopped around for a good 3 months before i bought mine.

O, and the 02's are yuck, no steering wheel radio controls, ugly seats, no navi, etc.
Yeah, I pretty much narrowed out the 02's and looking for a '03 to '05. Mainly because I feel '06's are out of my price range topping off at $20,000 and that's including taxes and registration.
and the 02's are yuck, no steering wheel radio controls, ugly seats, no navi, etc.
The steering wheel should have controls in an 02, just a diff looking wheel.

edit: I see what you meant about the seats, your talking about the suround on teh front being not all one complete piece.
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