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Can I get a data plate decode please?

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I have been trying to decode this data plate from a 1970 DeVille convertible:

ST 70 68367 FWD06482 BDY
TR 354 74 J PNT

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From the top: you have a 1970 Deville convertible, followed by the Fleetwood body number. The car has white ostrich grain leather with red carpet, the exterior is San Mateo Red, and the convertible top is white. The car was built the first week of December, 1969. The remaining letters represent the factory options on the car.

1 - Signal-Seeking AM/FM Stereo Radio* ($322.10)
2 - AM-FM Radio with Front and Rear Speakers and Power Antenna ($188.40)
AG - Trumpet Horn ($15)
B - Rear Window Defogger ($37)
C - Cruise Control ($95)
D - Door Edge Guards ($6.35)
E - Soft Ray Glass ($52.65)
F1 - Front and Rear Floor Mats ($20)
G - Controlled Differential ($52.65)
J - Twilight Sentinel ($37)
K - Automatic Climate Control ($515.75)
L - License Plate Frame ($6)
M - Power Door Locks and Seat Back Release ($68.45)
Q - Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($94.75)
S - Remote Control Trunk Lock with Warning Light ($53)
U - Guide-Matic Headlamp Control ($51)
W - White Sidewall Tires ($40.00)
Y - Power Seat, Six-Way ($89.50)
Bucket Seats with Console (Leather trim required; Coupe deVille and DeVille Convertible models only) ($184)

Bucket Seats with Console (Cloth trim; Coupe deVille by special order only) ($292)
Special Carpeting (Special order only) ($37)
Firemist Paint (Special order only) ($131.60)
Special Paint (Special order only; not Firemist color) ($179)
Leather Upholstery ($184.20) (N/A on Calais models)
Trunk Mat ($20)
Power Seat, Four-Way Left Hand Bucket ($53) (Coupe deVille and DeVille Convertible models with Bucket Seats only)
Rear Shoulder Belts ($32)
+Electric-Powered Sunroof* (Vinyl Roof required; Six-Way Seat recommended) ($626)
Vinyl Roof ($157.90) (N/A on Calais or Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan models)
Vinyl Padded Roof (Seventy-Five models; SPO-Special Production Option) ($758)
Vinyl Padded Roof with Chrome Landau Bows (Seventy-Five models; SPO-Special Production Option) ($2,026)
Stereo Tape Player ($133.75)

*New option for 1970
+Sunroof available on Coupe deVille, Sedan deVille, and Fleetwood Brougham models only


here are some links to other sources of info for the '70.
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Awesome!! Thanks very much....

I just became a Caddy owner.
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Great colors and very nice!
Classy, yet sporty!
Sweet car, but please get the correct 1970 wheel covers for her. She'll thank you for it! :)
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