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Can bearly turn steering wheel! Help!

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Hello All,

I'm new to the forum and new to Cadillac’s. I just purchased a '04 SRX V8 AWD w/ 56k miles; it appears to be well maintained. I know this due to the 11 maintenance entries in the carfax report I bought prior to purchasing the SRX.

Has anyone experienced hard to turn steering wheel when moving at low speed or while braking? The car at the same time started pulling hard right while braking. I hear no noise, the power steering (PS) fluid is in proper range, and the car turns normally while accelerating around a turn.

I'm also looking to purchase the service manual; does anyone have one for sale?

Unfortunately, I purchased the car passed its warranty and "as is"

I'm looking for any and all suggestions.

PS – I heard it could be a combination of the AWD and a bad caliper. It’s just that I can barely turn the steering wheel while trying to park. I’m baffled!!


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My rack and pinion unit was replaced under warranty. Until it was replaced, I had no idea how easily my SRX could steer.
My problem was a rubbing sound when steering. (I checked the receipt.) It may have been becoming stiffer over time, but I didn't notice. I noticed how much easier it turned when the gear was replaced.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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