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Can anybody tell me whats going on?

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There is some liquid or something sloshing around in the the back of my 05 sts. tThe car is running OK, I don't have a fuel odor so I know there's no gas leaking in. I check the trunk, nothing. Every time i start and stop the liquid sloshes forward. I think it may be the fuel tank that i am hearing, but I've NEVER heard it before. I've heard something about a fuel baffle?
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Are you sure its from the back? I've heard of a plugged A/C condensate drain making that sound. Are the from carpets ever damp?

How long since you've taken a good long drive (over an hour)? Water is a result of combustion and can condensate in mufflers. (Ever see water come out exhaust pipes?)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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