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Can anybody tell me whats going on?

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There is some liquid or something sloshing around in the the back of my 05 sts. tThe car is running OK, I don't have a fuel odor so I know there's no gas leaking in. I check the trunk, nothing. Every time i start and stop the liquid sloshes forward. I think it may be the fuel tank that i am hearing, but I've NEVER heard it before. I've heard something about a fuel baffle?
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One of the first places I looked, dry as a bone.
Go away, pest. I thought this site was set up for caddy owners to help other caddy owners. If you don't have anything constructive to add to the discussion, shut the [email protected]$% up and play with your crayons child.
c5 rv, you're right, I'm just a little on edge about one problem after another. It's a shame cause I LOVE THIS CAR, STILL LOVE IT warts and all. I will be a little more patient though. thanks for the insight.

Echas3, No, its definitely coming from the back, when i made quick "test starts and stops" you could hear it pretty loud. the carpets are dry also.

GarryW, I don't have a sun roof.

When it rains or you go through a wash and water get in the trunk crevices and is channeled away, is it collected and drained off somewhere? if so could that aperture be blocked?
Found the problem. Doh!! Thanks to everyone for their input, Including the people telling me to stand on my head, should've listened, literally. Found the water sloshing INSIDE the back doors, never thought to open them(i Just knew they couldn't been the problem). I checked whether the carpets were wet while sitting in the front and leaning back. With that said, there was a post explaining about door drain holes being clogged. Bent down eye level to the rubber seal under the door and ran my finger between the rubber seal and drain holes and water GUSHED out, the rubber seals were blocking the dirt plugs that had formed from washing away. I love this forum, it saved me what would've been a two hundred dollar auto bill.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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