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Campaign 00042???

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Hi Guys
I was under the hood of my Cat for the first time since I bought in July of this year adding bug Juice (window washer fluid) to get rid of that annoying orange light that was on my dash when I saw a little white sticker that said that I had campaign 00042 performed and also had dealer code 36070.
Can any of you help me to break that code? Does anyone know what campaign 42 is? Also - how to find out which dealer 36070 is? Unfortunately I did not get any service records when I bought my cat.
One more question... When I pull my hood release, the hood doesn't "pop" up... I need to have my son pull the hood release while I pull the hood up. Am I missing a spring or something?
Can someone please help me with all of this?
So far mr cat has been awesome. The only thing that has hapenned is that the CE light has come on twice - once from bad gas and the other time from who knows what - but Auto Zone has shut it off both times and it hasnt come back.
Thanks in advance!
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I posted the same question a while back, but no one was able to answer it. Your best bet is to call your local Caddy dealership (Service Dept.) and ask (which I, obviously, haven't done yet). They should be able to tell you.

My hood doesn't "pop up" either - it just sits there, but it is released. I just have to carefully pull up on it to the safety stop and release it the rest of the way.
It is a campaign that involves inspecting the harmonic balancer.
I have never done one, but it says you inspect for part numbers and markings on the balancer and replace it if they are from a bad batch.

With the last 8 digits of the VIN I can tell you who did the campaign, and when it was done.

I have had a couple of those with hard to open hoods, I think some lube in the right spot and maybe an adjustment.
Thanks... If you want to e-mail me your info I will share my entire VIN with you. I would appreciate any service history you could share.

Maybe you could help me with my Code 0411 problem too?

My e-mail is [email protected]

Thanks a bunch

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