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Hi Guys!

I am brand new on this forum.
I am a cabinetmaker, 45 yrs old, and came from Hungary 20 years ago.
I like to work on cars, we have a 99 STS seville and my son just bought a 98 Seville STS with a blown headgasket. We decided to take it apart and fix it ourselves. I read and learned a lot from this forum, thanks to eveyone who is sharing their experiences. We already droppd the engine, took it apart, and i changed all the cam bearings, arm bearings, compression and oil rings. Everything is going well except the timing chain setting. I just can't figure it out because i can't find any marks or points on the gear. If anyone can point me in some direction where i can find the information to set the timing chain in the whole engine i would really appreciate it.


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