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cam position sensor/harness

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During the install of my pacesetter headers I believe I may have damaged the cam posisition sensor harness/wires when attempting to stretch the harness to get the O2 sensors connected without extensions.

I was wondering if anyone had a how-to guide for getting to the sensor/harness or if anyone had a pic of the connector/harness. I know it is located on the back of the manifold (maggie in my case) and on the passenger side. I can't locate it and am trying to diagnose the problem prior to going through the trouble of removing/re-installing the maggie.

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Thanks for the pic. Looks like there will be no way to get back there and see it/diagnose the problem without pulling the maggie. Thanks.
I can reach behind mine and at least make sure its plugged in. I don't know about diagnosing any torn wires etc but I would try that first. G/L
thats the right connector. why are you thinking cam sensor is a problem? is the mil on, have you read your codes yet?
True. I am assuming you have already done this.

If you have and the MIL is on then I would buy a new sensor and put it in. If it doesn't fix your problem you aren't out too much.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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