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cam position sensor/harness

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During the install of my pacesetter headers I believe I may have damaged the cam posisition sensor harness/wires when attempting to stretch the harness to get the O2 sensors connected without extensions.

I was wondering if anyone had a how-to guide for getting to the sensor/harness or if anyone had a pic of the connector/harness. I know it is located on the back of the manifold (maggie in my case) and on the passenger side. I can't locate it and am trying to diagnose the problem prior to going through the trouble of removing/re-installing the maggie.

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thats the right connector. why are you thinking cam sensor is a problem? is the mil on, have you read your codes yet?
the sensor has a 12v reference, so youre good, about 10v at high is good. some sensors, like the map sensor have only a 5v ref. so id say the sensor is working properly... whats the car doing? still a hard start? what code do you have? you need to test at the ecm to ensure the wiring is good all the way to it, most likely is, since both high and low ref are good to the connector
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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